What do we do?

Intellectual Property Protection helps photographers and photographic agencies enforce their copyright, ensuring lost license fees are recovered from the unlawful use of their work.

If you discover your work being used without your permission we will examine the merits of your case and, using our years of expertise, attempt to recover the license fees you are entitled to.

We have recovered losses in the thousands for professional, and amateur photographers who have had their work used by corporate giants without permission.

Don't settle for a picture credit! Get paid for your work!


We will collate detailed evidence to build a sound case against the infringer, ensuring evidence is archived, indexed, dated and annotated to determine beyond any doubt that an infringement of your copyrighted work has occurred.


We will handle the contact with the other side to recover your lost license fees, leaving you able to concentrate on what you do best - your photography!
There's absolutely no need to worry about confrontation or difficult conversations - we will take care of all the communication on your behalf.

No Win, No Fee

We do not charge an upfront fee for our service. We simply retain a percentage of any successful recovery.
There are some optional services which can incur expenses - such as detailed background reports but these will not be carried out without your consent.