Who are we?

IPP provide Photographers with a free consultation and consideration of the Copyright Laws, and the possible breaches which may occur [by users] relating to photography usage.

IPP recover any loss incurred due to the misuse of a Photographer’s work.

Where a user breaches the Copyright Laws, IPP will provide a service to recover any loss incurred for a fixed percentage of any monies recovered.

IPP has a retained Solicitor who will carry out any legal work required on a no win no fee basis. (Conditions apply)

IPP has over 30 years experience in the advertising business working specifically with Photographers, Advertising Agencies and Direct Clients. Advising on IP law, negotiating usage fees and the periods of use for images produced.

IPP’s service is carried out in a discreet and professional manner.

Don’t forget non payment for your work is a contravention of your intellectual property rights; we can help with the recovery of any outstanding monies owed to you!